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The Caregiver Scholarship

We are offering up to $1,000.00 for caregivers who qualify. 

Qualifying Factors
1. Are you currently a caregiver or have been a caregiver within the last 5 years?
2. Do you have a current paycheck stub or W2 showing your experience?
3. Are you able to participate in clinicals?
4. Do you have a co-worker, supervisor or employer 
(must be in the medical field)​ willing to complete the letter of recommendation on your behalf?
5. Complete Nurse Assistant Training hours and Community Service Hours





1. Complete the online application

2. Submit your resume to

3. Attend the administrative interview.

4. Submit required onboarding documents.

5. Attend the onboarding orientation 

All applicants must be able to complete the nurse assistant training and scholarship requirements.


Government Issued Identification

Live Scan Form Submission (BCIA 8016)

Initial Application (283B) Submission

Health Records Submission: 

All health Records must be current within the last 90 days.

  • Employment Physical

  • TB test, chest x-ray or QuantiFERON gold ruling out tuberculosis

  • Covid Vaccination Record

  • Flu Vaccination Record during flu season (Nov 1st-March 31st)

CPR (BLS) Card Submission

CPR Card (Must be an unexpired BLS or basic life support)

CPR classes are held in numerous locations you must participate in an In-person demonstration through either American Redcross or The American Heart Association.


Please do not submit payment unless you have received an official scholarship approval letter.

Scholarship Applicants are required to submit $200 payment every 4 weeks for 12 weeks.

Once Selected:
Document submission will be reviewed during orientation.

School Logo.png

Granada Hills School of Nursing

"We Enlighten you, so you can impact the lives of others."

Site: Under Construction
Interested in the CNA class? Apply

All Classes are now scheduled from 8am - 4:30 pm
Weekday Classes: Tuesday - Friday (5 weeks) $1600
Next Class 10/17 - 11/17
Last Class of the year 11/21 - 12/29
 (No Class on Federal Holidays)

Weekend Classes: Saturday and Sunday (10 weeks) $1800
Next Class 10/14 - 12/17

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