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Female doctor waiting for the emergency entry

Our goal is to help 100 families jump start their careers

Help us help you and others just like you jumpstart your career!

We need more caring people taking care of our loved ones

let's support our community by helping families find long lasting careers 


Do you currently work as a caregiver? If so, apply you may qualify for the caregiver scholarship
Caregiver Scholarship Application
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Granada Hills School of Nursing

"We Enlighten you, so you can impact the lives of others."

Site: Under Construction
Interested in the CNA class? Apply

All Classes are now scheduled from 8am - 4:30 pm
Weekday Classes: Tuesday - Friday (5 weeks) $1600
Next Class 10/17 - 11/17
Last Class of the year 11/21 - 12/29
 (No Class on Federal Holidays)

Weekend Classes: Saturday and Sunday (10 weeks) $1800
Next Class 10/14 - 12/17

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