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How to Enroll

Enrollment Process

Follow the Step Below to ensure you are on the right track and following the Correct Enrollment Process

5 Step Process

Step One:     Watch the enrollment video

Enrollment Video

The enrollment video has been created to make your enrollment process as simple and user friendly as possible

Step Two:   Choose Your Course and Apply

Completing the Application

As you complete your application decide what course schedule works best to meet your needs. 


Step Three

Speak to an enrollment rep!

Once your application has been processed book your phone consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recording English Class
Training for medical professionals
Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

Online Registration $200

2 Invoice Payment:

$700 (2nd Payment)

$700 (3rd Payment)


Apply with After Pay


Online Registration $200

Free Training

For those who Qualify


Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

Online Registration $200

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Payment Options

Step Four: Register For Class

Schedule your class tour while Completing your Registration Payment

Once you have completed your registration payment, you have secured your seat in the class. 

A woman checking documents on the desk

Class Orientation

Uploading Documents

Learn how to upload your documents durn your onboarding orientation

Step Five: Prepare for Class

School Logo.png

Granada Hills School of Nursing

"We Enlighten you, so you can impact the lives of others."

Site: Under Construction
Interested in the CNA class? Apply

All Classes are now scheduled from 8am - 4:30 pm
Weekday Classes: Tuesday - Friday (5 weeks) $1600
Next Class 10/17 - 11/17
Last Class of the year 11/21 - 12/29
 (No Class on Federal Holidays)

Weekend Classes: Saturday and Sunday (10 weeks) $1800
Next Class 10/14 - 12/17

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